A developmental edit looks at the bigger picture elements of your story:

  • plot
  • structure
  • characterisation
  • setting
  • flow
  • pacing
  • clarity
  • style
  • over/underwriting

I can offer two modes for this type of edit: development in instalments as you write, or as a whole once you’ve completed a full draft. In both cases you will need to self-edit carefully before development starts.

This type of edit would normally be applied before the line/copy editing stage, but can also be combined with that stage if appropriate.

The starting rate for this service is

US$10 per 1000 words*

$0.01 per word*

*Please note a higher rate may apply if your manuscript needs additional time and attention. I’ll assess this based on the sample you send, and confirm the rate and projected total before we start.

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