Timescales and Fees

How much your edit will cost depends on the type and depth of editing it needs.

  1. Send me a small percentage of your manuscript by email for analysis, along with an outline of the editing requirements you have in mind. I will confirm/recommend a type of edit (or combination of types) for your work and provide a quote for the cost and a timescale for you to consider.
  2. Once we have agreed on the terms for the edit, I’ll send you a booking form to complete. A deposit of 50% of the total cost of the edit will then be required to secure the agreement (I will send you an invoice for this once you have completed the booking form). The balance will be invoiced once the edit is complete.

Here is an indication of my rates, as a rough guide to what you can expect:

Type of WorkEstimated Pace*Rate
Developmental editing2-8pgs/hrfrom US$0.01 per word
Line/Copy editing1-6pgs/hrfrom US$0.008 per word
Proofreading5-10pgs/hrfrom US$0.006 per word
Develop & Proof**from US$0.015 per word
Line/Copy Edit & Proof**from US$0.012 per word

*Based on industry standard of 250wds per double-spaced page
**I can also tailor a package specifically to your needs – please enquire for further information

Payment Information

I accept payment via Paypal.

Timescales & Fees
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