Line and Copy Editing

My objective as an editor is to rid your manuscript of anything that will remind your reader that they are reading typed letters, so they can become immersed in your story. To achieve this, I offer a sentence-level amalgamated line and copy edit that takes a holistic view of your manuscript, while preserving your unique voice, style and objective as an author.

These are some of the things I check:

  • Syntax
  • Style
  • Clarity
  • Vocabulary use
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Dialogue
  • Consistency
  • Factual accuracy (‘real’ world, and within the world of your story)
  • Formatting and visual consistency

For this edit I use Word and tracked changes, so you can see what I’ve done and make your own decisions about my suggestions. Above all, I aim to make sure your story remains yours, and realises its true potential.

The starting rate for this service is

US$8 per 1000 words (double full read)*

$0.008 per word*

*Please note a higher rate may apply if your manuscript needs additional time and attention. I’ll assess this based on the sample you send, and confirm the rate and projected total before we start.

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